What Happens Here

Book by Tara Altebrando

Book Report by Bailey Peters



Chloe and Lindsay were just two best friends living in Las Vegas up until a tragic event took place that would change things for the worse. The two had made a list of 50 things they wanted to do before they died, had folders filled with images of dream houses around they would live in around the world. Chloe got a chance to tour Europe with her family, and of course she wanted Lindsay to come along, but her mother wouldn't let her. While Chloe was gone, Lindsay went to a night club, getting in with her fake ID and a boy she shouldn't be with. Later that night she was abandoned and left all alone drunk and confused. She was eventually kidnapped, beaten, strangled, and killed, left in a gym bag inside a dumpster outside of a club in Las Vegas. Chloe never knew during trip what had happened to her best friend. They had called and informed her father but he kept it a secret because for once, their whole family was happy and getting along. When they returned back home and got the news, Chloe's whole life came tumbling in on her. She ran over to Lindsay's house in denial, when Noah, her older brother opened the door, he slammed it back in her face. She had missed the funeral, wasn't there to comfort Noah, and she didn't get to see Lindsay for the last time. What was she gonna do from there? How was she gonna fix things with Noah when she needed him more now then ever? And most importantly, would they ever find the killer?

What did You enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the mystery in this book, and the romance between Chloe and Noah as they mourned together got closer, and learned to forgive as they went through Lindsay's things.

Which Characters play important roles?

Chloe, Noah, and Lindsay.

Did you notice reoccurring symbols?

When Lindsay was being taken away, she managed to text Chloe "Look me in the eye" and "Aloha." These texts help Chloe to look at the surveillance cameras, because they had always called them the "eye in the sky." And that "Aloha." meant to look at the cameras at the Hawaiian club and that would lead her to find more information about what happened to her.

Was the ending satisfactory? why or why not?

Yes the ending was satisfactory. Everything that should of happened did and nothing was left untold or unknown.


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