✿ Pre- Calc Polar Graph Project ✿

✿ Flower Power Emoji ✿

Megha Bamola and Desiree Flores

Our graph is titled Flower Power Emoji. From phase 1 to phase 2 we decided to add the blue circles(Equation 1 and 2) to make the flower look like it was resting on two leaves. After adding the two leaves, we decided to change the two lemniscates into a rose(Equation 4) since we haven't learned about a vertical lemniscate. We also expanded the rose in equation four so that the green and pink petals could be easily differentiated.

Self-Reflection Questions

a) We experimented mathematically when we used complex rose (r=acos2theta/r=asin2theta)equations in order to accentuate the flower. We also added leaves/circles (r=asintheta/r=acostheta) to make a more realistic flower come alive.

b) By completing this assignment, we learned how to properly graph roses (r=acosbtheta/r=asinbtheta) and circles (r=asintheta/r=acostheta) on a polar graph.

c) Yes because it was fun to experiment with Desmos software and learn how to use Tackk, we also got a chance to create art on mathematical terms.

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