Tips for Surviving the Arabian Peninsula

Welcome to the Arabian Peninsula!  Having just come back from a time-traveling experience (600 C.E.), I have great tips for surviving the Arabian Peninsula.

First, the desert.  Most important thing-bring lots of water, because you won't get much there!  It's hot enough to make you want to jump into the nearest oasis, but that's just daytime.  At night, it can drop down below freezing!  Must be difficult packing clothes...  Nomads (people who roam from place to place) live here, allowing their animals to eat what little vegetation there is before moving on.

Next, the oasis.  These big bodies of water are in the middle of the deserts, where water builds up and rises to the surface.  There is a lot of cool shade, date palms, and vegetation.  I recommend becoming sedentary and living here, like a lot of ex-nomads have done before.  And who could blame them?

Aah, the mountains.  Mostly farmers live here, and their crops grow on terraces, as seen in the picture below.  If it's cold enough, there may be frost on the tip-tops of their peaks.  They're very rocky, as they're basically a huge hunk of rock, and the farmers there grow trees for fruit, frankincense, and myrrh.

The coastal plain!  These places are on the coast of the peninsula, where they often form natural harbors.  However, unlike the desert, the coastal plains are super humid!  It rains often, and there are big rocky outcroppings along its edges.

Hope you take my advice to heart next time you visit the Arabian Peninsula in 600 C.E!  (You never know... I managed to build a time machine!  Below is a picture of it :)

Here are the terraces... And below is my time machine!