a) Treatment of the minority groups in Canada

Picture of Minoritys being captured

This is a picture of the Japanese-Canadian and going to internment  camps during the World War 2. As you can see this is a picture of the Japanese being transported to camps because Canada was thinking  that the Japanese were spying on Canada for Japan during the World War 2. The significance was that there was proof that there was Japanese being transporting to internment camps for just being Japanese. This is connects to my topic because my topic is about treatment to minority camps and my picture that i have chosen connects to minority groups such as the Japanese being forced to camps in these trucks.

Picture of the internment camps.

This is a picture of the internment camps. In this picture you can see that this is where the Japanese lived during world war 2. In each tiny house they're were two families who lived in them and did not have enough food..  This photo connects to my topic between 1929-1945 because in February 19 1942 Canada forced the Japanese to be in internment camps for two and a half years until they let them go. This is a special image because this picture shows how the 100,000 - 120,000 Japanese were treated when they moved to Canada.

As you can see in this picture there is a family that lives in one of the internment camps during world war 2. As you can see there is not enough room for them to live in because it seems very cramped. On the background you can see white sheets trying to block the other family living there, so there is no disturbance. This connects to my theme because they had to suffer living in this small area for 2 and a half years. The significance of this image is showing that the Japanese were treated bad because as you can see when you are living with others you don't get your personal space and if there is a kid crying at night everyone at night will not get sleep and there are no rooms just two sides of the camp.  

This is a picture of the Japanese Canadians. As you can see this is the picture of the people not eating enough nutrient for their body. In world war 2 the Japanese Canadians were not fed too much and they needed food to survive. This image connects to my topic because as you can see the Japanese were not treated well because they were not provided the nutrient they need. Instead the Japanese from their ancestors had to give small bags of rice to provide them the some food. This was a historical because it showed that Canada did not really provide them with care.

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