Time is changing. Life is going forward. Everything and everybody is changing. But we believe in the One who is never changed yesterday, today and forever. Faith is something whole that should encompass our inward and outward in order to live a meaningful and valuable life in the world where we are together with our faith-neighbors.

As a man grew up amidst stupas and gurus, faith is my ID to keep on life journey amidst people of other living faiths. In this globalization era, not only multi-faiths but the advanced technologies have been shaking the faiths on which we wholeheartedly want to stand firm. The impacts are varied and dangerous, and colorful and useful.

Not to fall in dilemma ... having no idea where to stand firm, the next step we have to take in our life journey is uncertain. Leaving the faith behind and marching forward lead us to Marxism. To feed our soul, it is not vanities but the melodies [the words of God] come from God.

The new media, the new information technology, the mass communication, is not the faith education in new media but the new media in faith education. Faith is not for media, but media must be for nurturing my faith by all means.

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