February Conference

by Maddie Fullmer


On SRI I got a score of 1302! And I only needed a score of 600 to pass!

One thing in reading I need to work on is multiple choice questions.

On my Martin Luther King Jr. NewsELA, I got 9/10! Good score!

For vocab review, I got 11/12! Wow!!

On the poem, Dust of Snow, I got 8/10. No bad!

The last score for reading was on an article called Let It Snow! and my score was 6/11.

One thing I think I could work on is paying attention to my stories.


My Colorado Persuasive Essay got a score of 23/24, or a 4!!

On Settlers and Indians paragraph, I got a tremendous score of 6/6, or another 4!

On my NewsELA, for if kids have too much candy in their lunch boxes, I got a 3.

I could work on using more SME (Show Me the Evidence).


On long division, I got 1/10 on that test. (Although, that was before I got the hang of it.)

For multiply and divide with 0 and elapsed time, I got 1/5. (Same story as before.)

I got 2/5 on unknown numbers in equations.

With the quiz, Fractions equal to 1/2, I got 4/4!

On the test, + and - fractions, I got 5/5!!!

My final quiz got a score of 8/10. Not bad!

And my math test got 16/28. Which, you already knew.

I could practice with unknown numbers in equations at home more often.

On my time tests I am currently on my 12's.


Social Studies

In social studies we are learning about economics and the study of goods and services.

On my social studies unit test I got 16/18.

For my 2 unit test, I got 27/30. Way too go!

I could work on putting the page number on my Colorado History test.


In science we are going to learn about fossils! That will be interesting!

I have already learned that there are many different types of fossils. Three of them are: body fossils, trace fossils, and finally, cast fossils. Wow!

I could work on describing objects in more scientific ways.


I feel like I do a good job at not shouting out when the teacher is talking.

I could work on not complaining to much about doing homework.

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