The Glass Castle



One theme from the book "The Glass Castle" is you can not let people control your life. Another theme is you can not live in fear.The first theme means that you own your own life and others can not live it for you. You must make decisions for yourself. The events in the novel such as when : The Walls family moved from civilization as to not have to follow the governments rules and regulations. Also when the author and her sister planed to move away from their parents and go to New York.


The second theme means you can not let fear stop you from doing the things that you want and perusing your goals. The way the events in the novel show this are: When Rex Walls takes the family to the zoo and lets the author pet a cheetah. Also when Rex Walls throws the author into the spring so she can learn to swim. These events show both themes.



In the beginning of the story all seems well. Without many problems the Walls family seems okay, even happy. The kids are happy and see their constant moving and runing as a adventure. As does the mother.

Rising action

As the story progresses the kids grow older and come into there own beliefs and ideals. The father and mother who are used to nothing but obedience start to get backtalk and disobedience as the kids grow even more.


The novel comes to a climax when the author moves with her sister to New York. After that the novel has some minor events that bring tension and make the novel more suspenseful.


Basically after that though there is a falling action that brings balance to the Walls family. The resolution ultimately happens at thanksgiving when the family gets together without any conflicts and all seems to fall into a place of contentment.    

  • Jeanette: She is the daughter of Rex Walls and his wife. She wants to have a good life and be happy, and normal. This is what motivates her. What is important about this character is that she is her fathers biggest supporter even though he is the one that causes her family so much turmoil, and eventually she is the one that  
  • Dad: Rex Walls is the father in this novel. He is the reason the family in the novel suffers from so many problems like poverty and homelessness

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