5 Swaggy Tips for Online Safety!!!

By Cooper Felton

1) Think before you post

Remember once you post something you can't take it back even if you delete it.  Ask yourself before you post something 1) Is it appropriate. 2) Is it giving out any information. 3) Is it about anybody else.

2) Check your friends list!

Make sure no body you don't know is on your friends list they could be a stalker.  Who cares how many followers you have you should be more worried about your safety.  If you don't know them don't accept.

3) Change up your password from time to time

If someone was to hack into your account then they can get into a bunch of other stuff if you have the same password.  If you cant remember all of them write them down somewhere you won't lose them.

4) Don't talk to STRANGERS!!!

Stick to people who you know and don't go off talking to random people. If you were to talk to a stranger make sure ask your parents or a trusted adult to make sure it's okay.

5) Make sure your status isn't to PERSONAL!

If your status is to personal people will know more than you want them to.  If you post something personal a 42 year old stalker could know all about you.

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