Haitian Revolution

General Haitian Revolution Picture (symptoms established)

-richest slave colony -- lot of exploitation

-sharp wealth disparity between petit blancs and grand blancs

Rights of Man (fever rises)

-document listing out all the demands of the slaves

-both petit blancs and grand blancs opposed it

Burning of Le Cap—Fever Rising

The Haitian slaves start massive revolts against their owners, andmarch onto the capital (Le Cap). The slaves inflict massive damage,showing little mercy, in retaliation for the even worse conditionstheir owners imposed on them.

Toussaint Louverture - Terror Sweeps

-major leader in the slave revolt of the Haitian revolution

Revenge by the Black Army - Terror Sweeping

-black slaves and former slaves violently gaining control by hanging soldiers

Independence Debt - convalescence reached

-financial burden that French imposed on Haiti

-destructiveness of the Haitian revolution lead to bitter internal divisions of race and class

-continued external opposition contributed much to Haiti's abiding poverty and its authoritarian and unstable politics.

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