Learning About the 50 States!

We are going to be using this standard:
5.9 Students know the location of the current 50 states and the names of their capitals.
Your learning objectives for today:
To have a rough overview of your state.

Today we are going to learn about the fifty states! I want all of you to pick a state. No one person can have the same state. This is going to be the beginning of your state reports, so be sure to pick a state you want to learn about. Take your time to do the research because it will help you later when you begin your full state report.

Here is the specific information that you need about your state.
State Name (as headline):
(The rest should be in the text.)
State Abbreviation:
State Capital:
What year it became a state:
What number state it is:
State Bird:
State Flower:
State Flag:
State Nickname:
State Gem:
What is the State Economy Like?
State Climate:
What States Boarder it:
The Governor:
Origin of the State:
What the Population is:
How the State Became a State:
State Song:
Five famous people who were in your state:
State Motto:
Number of Square miles of Land:
Major Crops:
Name of Two Colleges That Are in the State:
Average Annual Precipitation:
Five Fun and Interesting Facts:

Please be sure to add a map of your state, and also pictures of your state flag, state gem, state bird, state flower, and a picture of the governor. You can add other pictures to your post as well. Also, please add a video or Audio of the state song. Be sure to add color to your Tack. Please comment on the lesson with the state of your choice by tomorrow at 8pm. Publish your Tackk by Sunday at 8pm. After you have published your Tackk you will have three days to post a thoughtful comment on to three of your classmates Tackks that showed you read it. Comment any questions you may have. Have fun, I am looking forward to seeing what information you come up with!

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