Walking the line between Offputting and Illegal

Diana Lagunas

Period 5

Mrs. Palomares

February 21, 2014

If our dark fantasies include violence and posses great danger to those surrounding us, is it fair for the government to intervene and convict it as a crime?

Officer Gilberto Valle of New York police was taken into jury by the FBI upon acquiring certain unusual chat exchanges. For months Valle had been exchanged sexual fantasy with over 21 people describing his desire to harm, cook, and eat various young women. Valles dangers role play fantasy leaves an intriguing question: Can our desire to be involved in dangerous sexual fantasies be charged as a conspiracy to a crime?

When in court Valles defense lawyer argued that they were only using the negative chats, clashing reality with fantasy. Mr. Baum, the defendants attorney, also went on to inform that his client had never acted upon such "accusations". Hence, he was not a menace to those around him.

Structural Functional

  1. When our sexual fetishes clash with reality and start involving into a premeditated crime the authorities, such as those of political science (the study of the state, nation, government and politics and polices of the government) have the right to intervene to create stability.
  2. As a public official, Valles, violent rhetoric should have been see as a civic problem, in which legal remedies are necessary to intervene before his fantasies becomes a reality .
  3. Under the first amendment we are required to tolerate the sayings of other, as horrifying as they might be. In Valles case, his speech present cannibalism thought which he deeply wanted to fulfill. If it wasn't for his wife and the court that found him guilty he would have been an extreme menace to our society.

Social Conflict

  1. Valles future was solely hanged on the judgment and discretion of the officers. In which they could have leverage with a fellow co worker and helped him or give him a negative formal sanction (a punishment given by some formal organization or regulatory body) such as imprisonment.
  2. The first amendment clearly states that freedom is at risk when the government seeks to control the thoughts of it's people. Even though the right to think is the beginning of freedom of speech, there's a clash in whether the government can punish Valles "dark fantasias".
  3. According to the evidence that the FBI found, Valles was planning to enact his fantasies with unwilling strangers without their consent. This becomes a issues because not only will he be violating the rules of the conventional BDSM relationship, but it can elaborate into an even bigger problem known as rape in our culture ( shared products of human groups).
  4. Valles dark fantasias are a threat to our political culture and our government.
  5. It is well known that the job of a police officer is to serve and to protect its people. When shocking news broke loose about Valles case it created uneasiness between the community of New York.

Symbolic Interaction

  1. It seems obvious that Valle, as a police officer, was aware of the charges behind violent crimes such as the ones he so desperately wanted to fulfill. The only reasonable thing was that he acquired the help from a therapist or a psychologist (psychology: deals with the behavior and thinking of an individual) to control his impulsive thoughts/desires.
  2. Our deep and sexual desires to explore our fantasies over powers us to seek like-minded people in which we can openly interact with.Such as Valles did through the chat room, which was specifically created to express, share, and fulfill each others sexual fantasies.
  3. Online communities are a safe place for an individual to express his/her sexual fantasies without being cast out. (As long as there is consent from both parties to manifest (manifest function:the entend form of a structure) their sexual adventures)
  4. Overall interacting with other, such as Valle did, promotes exhilarating and health. Which can be a factor as to why Valle never acted upon his words, verbally interacting provided the releasing his desireto help tamed him.

!Personal Reaction!

When it comes down to dealing with our deep and darkest sexual fetishes it is natural that we would want to carry them out and theres nothing wrong with that. We are all humans with needs who enjoy different orientation, style, or taste in order to gain satisfaction. Sexual fetishes are practice to exhale stress/ friction not create it. When theses fetishes turn in malicious thought that can cause actual hard its time for an intervention. In accordance with the Valles cases I support the jury's final decision in convicting him. If Valle was released into society it would cause a social conflict and uneasiness atmosphere around him. Its is also very likely that this incident would have given him the push to a murder spring. The government has all the power to enforce stability in our country, Valle was treating that stability and need to be put behind bars.

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