School work!

by Aleigha

School is the newest way to learn! It's easy, fun and you get things out of it!

school has lots of different subjects. Drama, art, music, p.e, English, science, food tec, humanities, maths, middle school sport, e learning, rave and Indonesian! (Any language that you learn).

We do things from drama poems to playing guitar, science experements to making our own city it math, learning about aboriginal and Indonesian culture in indo and humanities, learning different ways of life in rave, learning technology and how to cook, and writing books and playing sport.

We even use iPads and computers! We have apps that help us learn like pages, keynote, iMovie, explain everything, studdywiz, paper cut, good reder, Dropbox, iBooks, JacPlus, garage band and more!

go school go!
The best way to get smart!

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