Poems Forrest and Troy

Description - It is about who the doctor is and what he does

Examples - He's lived for over 900 years. But has perished after four knocks. His name is heard throughout the universe. The man with the box.

Description - It means that thrifty people are more likely to thrive than others

Examples - The thrifty that teacheth the thrifty to thrive

Description - It talks about how Rubies and Sapphires are great, but flint is nothing

Examples - An emerald is as green as grass

Description - It is about people who realized it would be more fun if they just played with sticks instead of what they had planned.

Examples - Let's throw sticks in the creek all day. Let's not do what we had planned.

Description - It is about what do inside a rowboat.

Examples - Row, Row, Row your boat. Gently down the stream.

Description - It is about how to make breakfast.

Examples - Hear it sizzle. shake the salt. Just a drizzle.