My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation

Emilee C

 I spent my summer vacation at the Cheff Guest Ranch in Charlo Montana.  I rode horses, went swimming and played with my barn kittens.  I also went to a rodeo and spent the day at the Big Sky Waterslides.  

  At the guest ranch I help my grandma cook and clean for the guests.  I also help my dad take horseback rides.  When I am not helping out I like to hang out with my cousins, go swimming and go on hikes.

  I went on two pack trips in the Bob Marshall.  We ride horses 30 miles into the wilderness.  We spend 7 days at our camps.  We go fishing, swimming, hiking and ride horses to Big Prairie and Pack Rat.

  I had a good summer vacation at the Cheff Guest Ranch.

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3 years ago

Sounds like fun! You forgot a related video. I also like your background pattern.