In Australia there are 10000 beaches and a lot of people live within 50km of the coast . That's why a lot of australian practice sports on the beach,in the sea .For example the surf or the beach volley .

                                           Let's talk about surf in Australia

Australia is renowned as one of the world firth surfing destination . It forms part of a lifestyle in which millions participate.

Mark Richards is a legend of surf he won Australian world Title .

                                     Let's talk about Beach volley in Australia

The origins of beach volley are in Hawai and California it developed on the beaches of the world including the beach of Australia . The Australians play beach volley  because it's lot of fun and there are lots of beaches in Australia .



                                         Let's talk about rugby in Australia

The national team is nicknamed The Wallabies      

                                              Origins of Rugby in Australia

In 1882 the Southern Rugby Football Union toured New Zeland . The New Zeland national team toured New South Wales in 1884 ,defeating New South Wales in all three matches , and winning all nine matches tour . Between 1996 and 2011 the Wallabies won 3 tri nations cup . The Wallabies were ranked the 6 th place of Top 25 Rankings in 15 june 2015 .


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