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Obesity and poor parenting are a struggle that society faces. Especially in America. American children will grow up to believe that eating fast foods on a constant basis is natural. Until they grow up and have their own children and discovering how unhealthy it is, they will keep having these foods. Children who are obese generally have obese parents. These people blame genetics for their obesity. Let's talk about this.

Genetics: This is the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics .

- The genetic properties or features of an organism, character, ect.


Does Genetics Play A Role In Obesity?

Researchers have discovered that overweight and the different forms of obesity are conditions tending to concentrate within a family. It is said that the risk of obesity is two to eight times higher for a person with a family history of obesity as opposed to a person with no family history of obesity, and even higher risk is observed in cases of severe obesity. Cases worldwide have been attributed to mutations of seven distinct genes. 'The most common forms of obesity are probably the result of variations within a large number of genes' - a researcher mentioned.  '56 different genes have been reported as being related to obesity phenotypes, however, only ten of those genes showed positive results in at least five different studies'.


Poor Parenting Causes

Behavioural Problems

- Acting out, or misbehaviour, is often associated with ineffective parenting.

Poor Coping Skills

- When parents are lacking in skills such as anger management and conflict resolution, they will likely have difficulties modelling this behaviour for their children.

Academic Challenges

- Parents who neglect their children's educational needs might contribute to poor academic performance in their children.

Mental Health Outcomes

- Ineffective parenting can contribute to, and be exacerbated by, mental health problems in children


- Parents who don't watch what their children's health can lead their child into being overweight or obese.


Does Poor Parenting Actually Lead To Obesity?

Yes it does. Here are a few causes of obesity due to Poor Parenting:

1. Diet

- Regular consumption of high-calorie foods, like fast food, cookies and other backed goods, soda, candy, chips and vending machine snacks.

2. Lack of physical activity

- Computers, television, and video games conspire to keep kids inside and sedentary, which means they they burn fewer calories and are more likely to gain weight.

3. Environment

- If a child opens the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets and the first items they spot is a bag of chips, candy bars and microwave pizza, then that's likely what they will eat.

4. Psychological factors

- Like adults, some kids may turn to food as a coping mechanism for dealing with problems or negative emotions like stress, anxiety, or boredom.

5. Socio-economics factors

- Children from low-income backgrounds are at increased risk for childhood obesity since low-income parents may lack the time and resources necessary to purchase and prepare healthy foods.

6. Medical conditions

- Though not common, there are certain genetic diseases and hormonal disorders that can predispose a child to obesity, such as Hypothyroidism (when the thyroid gland, located in the neck just below the voice box, is underactive and does not release enough of the hormones that control metabolism). If the parents dont get this fixed or sorted, future obesity is awaiting their child.

7. Sleep

- In a review of studies in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, researchers found that kids who sleep less than the recommended amount of about 13 hours a day at age 2 are more likely to be obese at age 7.


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