China Dynasties

                                            Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties

Sui Dynasty

(589 - 618)

The Sui Dynasty started in 589 when a ruler from the north named Wendi unified China again and became the first emperor of the Sui Dynasty. Under his rule he made a centralized government and he reformed the bureaucracy. After Wendi, Yang Di, his son, became emperor. during his rule he made millions of peasants work on a 1,000 mile waterway that connected northern and southern China. This waterway was called the Grand Canal. The dynasty ended in 618 when Yang Di was assassinated.

Tang Dynasty

(618 - 907)

The Tang dynasty started in 618 when a Sui general took control from the falling Sui dynasty. During the Tang dynasty China prospered and China influenced many of the neighboring states. They built on the Sui government and made it stronger and also had two capitals at Chang'an and Luoyang. In 626 Taizong came to rule. He conquered more land and also built schools to prepare students for civil service exams. After Taizong died, his wife, Wu Zhao became the first female emperor of China. In 755 a rebellion rose up and weakened the government but in 907 once the emperor was killed by a general the dynasty fell.

Song Dynasty

(960 - 1279)

After the fall of the Tang dynasty the Song dynasty rose up in 960. The Song dynasty's capital was at Kaifeng and the had a centralized government with scholar-officials, civil servants appointed by the emperor. They also made Neo-Confucianism which was made from the original Confucianism. During this time China became the most advanced civilization and had a lot of achievements in art and literature.

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