By: Arrelis Sanchez Core 1


1) The first thing for meditation we crossed our legs and then we sit comfortably and sat up straight and we calm our minds and then we breath through our nose and then out through our mouth and then we let our minds go through and then we tried to do the same thing but we said the hummm with it.

2) How i felt about the meditation was that i have forgot all about what happened to me and that i was calm and that i was relaxed i think ever sense i did meditation that i have changed to become a better person and that i have thought about everything bad i have done and thought about everything good that i have done.

Mediation- When you relax your self and think about things in your mind. And all you have to do is relax and let your mind go through.

Mantra- When you make sounds with your mouth. And it helps you to think.

Deep Breathing- When you take deep breaths through your nose and you let it out through your mouth. And you should or have to do it when you are sitting with good posture.

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