Clipboard Maker
By Jesse and Collin

If you want to make a clipboard, first you have to get some wood a minimum of 3 types of lumber. You need to cut 9 strips with a table saw. 3/4 x 1-1/16" x 16" are the sizes. Get clamps and then glue them together with wood glue. Wait till they dry and then take the clamps of and sand it. You stick the sanded side down and put it through the planer till it is 10mm thick. You have to sand several times. Next you have to fine sand the whole project. Next you have to put 2 days of Danish oil and the put a coat of Lacquer. Then we used a punch awl to make wholes to put the clip in.
The tools we used were Miter-box saws, hand tools, and we used different types of sanders and a tape measure. You also need a square to measure. We used some screws, paint-brushies. We used wood, paper,and sandpaper. Then you grade it and take it home.

This is a clipboard.

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