My Seventh Grade Year

By: Julia Cumley

Kenston Soccer

This past year I played on the Kenston Middle School soccer team. It was one of the best experiences. We had a very successful season. We only lost one game to some very intense players. They were from Brush and even driving out on the bus to go play them was terrifying. In the end the season was an absolute blast and one of my favorite memories!

Winter break 2k14

The winter break of seventh grade I went to Florida. Every year I go to Florida because I have a house down there. It is always a lot of fun and filled with memories. But this was one of the last times my family will go down as a whole family because my sister is graduating high school. She will be off in college doing her own thing. That's why this time was very special to me!

Venice Beach🐠

7 grade camp!!

Camp! Camp! Camp! This one a very exciting memory! Camp was one of the best times of my life! In the beginning I didn't even want to go... but I'm so glad I did! I thought camp was going to be boring and gross but it wasn't. Yes, here and there it was sort of gross but that didn't matter. The most fun part of camp was the dance because after whole week of not being together we all0  got to be together.  All that mattered was that we were all together. I had a amazing time and I can't thank Ms. Burton enough for what she did!

Chinese/American games
before dance!😊

Fall Softball

In the fall I played softball for the kenston travel team. It was a very fun season and it was a memory that changed my life. I met someone on the team for the first time who I now call my best friend. I met Gianna LaSalvia for the first time. We met and we both automatically clicked. As soon as we started talking about Italian things we knew the friendship was going to last! I owe it all to this softball season for giving me my very best friend. I'll forever remember it.

Last game⚾️


Another memorable moment was going to volleyball regionals in Columbus, Ohio for the fourth time. When we were in Columbus, the night before the big tournament, we were supposed to have a team dinner. Our whole team ended up bailing on us! It ended up that Gianna, Kayla and I went to a very nice Japanese steakhouse. It was a really fun goo d time even though it was only three of us!

convention center

Blossom Weekend

This weekend was one of the best all year. So many things happened. My old best friend from North Carolina came into town and we had a sleepover and we're finally reunited! Also my other family friends came into town and we had a little party with them and another family that I haven't seen since I was 6! I also has to woke on one of the most fun projects I've had this year: Planet project. This weekend was a great memory.

Sister's Graduation

This year my sister, Samantha graduated from highschool. The graduation was very exciting yet kind of sad. I'm going to miss my sister more than anything in the world. She's my hero and she made me the person I am today. I'm so proud of everything she's accompanied! This is the new beginning of her life.

Fitz and the Tantrums

All the way back in November I went to see the band Fitz and the Tantrums. I went with my friend Gianna and we had a great time. The lady next to us kept like shaking her head the the whole time and the lady in front of us dressed like a penguin. Also there was this older lady who was jamming by her self above us. That was one of the first times me and Gianna really got close. It's a night I'll never forget! p.s

Winter formal

This years winter formal was a great time. Before the dance I had friends over and we took 3 hours to get ready! We all did our hair and make up while jamming out to Justin Bieber. During the dance there was a lot of drama but it was still fun.

Before dance

Science Class

Well science had to be the most fun part about school. Our science class has the closet bond ever. There's been some things that have happened in that room that cannot be repeated. I've made some really great memories in that class. It would not be the same without Amy, Mary, Colby, Jenna, Harris and Alex. All of us have gone through so much together in that one class. It's not even just in class. Our friendships reach outside of school. If any of ever need anything we can always go to eachother. But I'll also never forget all the drama that has happened in that room. Truthfully if the drama didn't happen we all wouldn't be this close. I'll always remember how Amy, Mary and I always came into English yelling about what happened in science. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm really going to miss arguing with Harris every class and I know Amy will miss yelling at Colby! haha! I'll remember that class forever and always!  


Top 2 memories in English

The bell

The bell is my best friend. I remember the day Mr. Kowalski rang the bell. Pretty much all year I would never be quiet about anything. I always talked and gossiped at the wrong times mostly. When the bell is rung it means it's time to stop talking. The bell is pretty much the only thing that makes me stop talking! Really going to miss  it.

Outsiders Day

This year we read the book "Outsiders". When we finished the book we had a day to dress up are people in the book. In English class that day we had so much fun doing a lot of different activities! Being able to do that made reading the book more meaningful.

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