Korea: Battle at the 38th Parallel

The 38th parallel line was the border created to divide up North Korea and South Korea after Workd War II. The Communist superpower, the Soviet Union, took over the Northern half of Korea. The Untied Nations helped South Korea. On June 25, 1950, North Korea launched a surprise attack at the 38th parallel. After a couple of weeks they had troops deep in the South.

The SuperPowers Intervene

South Korea asked for help from the United Nations and 15 countries sent aid. Douglass MacArthur was the lead general of the army. He was able to launch a surprise attack that forced the Northern Korean army to surrender and retreat.

China Fights Back

MacArthur was able to capture a lot of land that was very close to Chinese border. The Chinese sent over a quarter of a million troops to help the Northern Korean army and they were able to push back MacArthur's forces and captured most of South Korea.

MacArthur Gets Fired

MacArthur publicly asked Truman to drop nucelar bombs on China and North Korea as a strategical offensive tactic. Truman thought that nuclear warfare would be uncalled for an inhuman. MacArthur continued to push for it and Truman fired him in repsonse.

Cease Fire

In 1953, The United Nations and the Northern Korean army signed a cease-fire. The country was still divided at the 38th parallel, the line that divided the countries before the war. At the end of the war, 4 million people had died and no land was gained.