"Love God, Love your neighbor."

Phil Robertson

I Believe

I believe in the Christian faith,

the hope for good,

the happiness of a deer stand,

the feeling when your up to bat,

the feeling of running 70 mph,

happiness ,pain, succeses,

But I don’t believe in gay rights.

I believe in the power conservatism,

I believe in Guns,

I believe in Hunting,

fishing, pride, joy,

And I believe in loving god and loving your neighbor.

My Personal Credo

My credo is love god, love your neighbor. It helps lead me to keep me headed in the right direction with my life and keeps faith in my everyday life.

I picked this quote up a while back from a guy named Phil Robertson. He owns a company called Duck Commander, has he’s own TV show and a best selling line of DVD’s and has a couple of books out on the market. I actually picked up the quote from one his books. He has revolutionized the duck call industry buy making his duck call sound as close to a duck as you can get. He has been using his fame from his new TV show, Duck Dynasty, to spread the word of Christ all over the United States.

Phil has been thew his share of up’s and down’s. He may be living well now and have a good bond with the lord but he hasn’t always had that. He use to be one rough guy. Smoking dope drinking, and partying every night. But, he used this quote and help from the lord to get his life back on track. This lead him to opening his own business and the business becoming a multimillion dollar company. He now lives his life hunting and spreading the word of Christ, the words love god, and love your neighbor I believe have really made an impact on him.

I don’t think the credo will change has I get older, it’s a good credo and can help keep on the right track and away from doing dope, get drunk and losing all my money. This credo can shape my future by always pulling me out of a hole and getting everything back in order. This saying can keep you going through the bad times, and keep you on the straight path in the good times. It’s the only quote a man needs.

I think everyone can get something from my credo, it helps inspire me and it could help some one else here the word of god and they could become a better Christian.

By: Adam Hensley

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