South Eastern Asia

Pagan Kingdom

Gained power in 840 CE.

Founder was King Anawrahta.

Ruled over modern day Burma.

Invaded by the Mongols in 1277.

Large producer of rice.

Ruling system was the kingdom, very similar to a monarchy.

Fell in 1297 due to mongol invasions, and internal struggles.

Khmer Empire

Founded in 850 CE by Emperor Angkor Wat.

Emperor Wat named the Capital (Angkor) of the empire after himself.

Major Religions were Hinduism and Buddhism.

Build many temples such as the one seen below.

Another rice producer.

Produced many paintings similar in style to temples.

Fell in 1220 CE.

Trading Kingdoms

Lasted from 750 CE to 850 CE.

Major Buddhism influences.

Very prosperous.

Increased Trade in South East Asia.

(Dynastic) Vietnam

Vietnam was under control from Chinese Han Dynasty for most of their history during this time period.

Independence movement by Trung Sisters.

Temporarily succeeded in 111 BCE.

Period of peace ended in 39 CE.

Major influences from Confucianism and Daoism.

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