Current Trends In Large Format Printing

As before, the main application of large format printing in NYC is in the design of signs, banners, and posters. Photography too is gaining an increased share in this department along with stable demands for other materials. However, the market for textiles, proofs, drawings, and flags have declined instead. When it comes to selection of print providers for display graphics and signage, there are some key drivers in the market. These are:

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Price

Modern customers make it a point to familiarize themselves with technology developments. Also their demands from the same have increased significantly than before. The interest of these people lies in the possibilities associated with different finishes and prints, which can differentiate their marketing materials from competition. The focus is on high quality outputs, which have today taken precedence over the speed of the creation of these products.

By pushing quality to the levels on offer from offset, service providers can tap the ever-widening large format markets. One cannot deny the requirement for speed completely. So equipment upgrades are available regularly that deliver results quicker with availability of wide print beds. There is an exponential increase in price/performance for printing systems and print heads with effective signage enhancements available through QR codes. Besides this, when it comes to NYC printing, customers demand use of interactive media with large formats like QR codes and others.

For the print providers it opens up a chance to educate the buyers and make them aware of the myriad benefits associated with interactive media integration. Through addition of this service, it is possible to generate high-value for the clients and add new streams of revenue generation for the providers themselves. Many people considered digital printing a serious threat to the traditional methods, but this hasn't happened yet. Both the technologies have their specific uses, and serve their purpose well. So you will come across demands for large format printer displays with its digital variations catering to the intended market without clashes.

Ink used in printing large format displays can be one of the three following types.

  • 1. Aqueous or Durable Aqueous
  • 2. UV Curable the latest craze with UV printers getting the spotlight
  • 3. Eco-Solvent/Solvent, the erstwhile popular ink type

In spite of the high demands for UV ink, one cannot deny the rising popularity of durable aqueous varieties. Both of these together are gradually minimizing the market demands for solvent ink. As mentioned before, people demand great finishing associated with the large format displays. This way, it becomes possible to add both value and margin to otherwise mundane and commonplace projects quite easily. In order to attract audience and get more people interested in what they have to opt for, intelligent service providers offer installations complete with backlit applications. Different finishes are also available using lamination with choices between gloss, matte, and satin.

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