Rich and Poor

In Great Expectations a little further on the in story Charles dickens is agreeing with the cultural assumption that rich people had money to spend on luxurious things and were considered important in society while the poor suffered. This is shown when Pip is taken to the crazy Miss Havisham, and her cold and rude adopted daughter Estella to hopefully become a gentleman but is declined because of his looks and the way in which he lives. It is also demonstrated again when a lawyer comes from London offering Pip to travel back to London and become a Gentleman.

The Complication of Great Expectations is when Pip goes to Miss Havisham at Satis House to play for her to hopefully fulfil his dream becoming a gentleman and to try to get himself some importance in society as he is ashamed of his living styles but this dream of Pip's is thrown back at him by Miss Havisham because he was a common labouring-boy, his hands were coarse, his boots were thick, he had fallen into a despicable habit of calling knaves (Jacks), and generally that he was in a low-lived bad way.

The Climax of Great Expectations is when it was about 10 years later and Pip had matured and started his apprentices as a blacksmith with joe but he was still had the same social standing as he did before, and he was still living with the dreadful Mrs Gargery and Joe in the same home with the same dirty clothes. But this one particular day a Lawyer called Jagger came from London to see Pip and tell him the he has been recognised for his looks and Miss Havisham has asked for him to be sent to London to become a Gentleman. Pip was over the moon with the offer and wants to take it straight away but Joe on the other hand is not so happy as he will be losing his little brother and his apprentices, so Jagger offers Joe a large sum of money for taking Pip, and so then Pip is then off to London to become a gentleman.

In Great Expectations having the privilege to get an education is a big advantage to you in the 1800's in London. This is shown by Estella and Pip as Estella was adopted and given a high social statue and an education but Pip on the other hand is living with a blacksmith and a cranky old lady. Pip is living in a dirty old cottage and works with his brother-in-law who is the blacksmith. Pip was never given the opportunity to have an education because of his social statue and not having the money to do so.

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2 years ago

This post again is really good. The cultural assumption you have discussed is the growing difference between the rich and the poor. You have clearly outlined and described what the cultural assumption means and what Charles Dickens has conveyed through the classic novel. The examples helped me understand the difference between rich and poor by using the structure as the element. You have linked the cultural assumption to the context but maybe you could expand on it. I can identity the author of the novel and their view about the growing difference between rich and poor. To finish off, maybe you could proof read.