Shermans March to the sea

From November 15 until December 21, 1864, General William Sherman led some 60,000 soldiers on a 285-mile march from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. The purpose of this “March to the Sea” was to frighten Georgia’s civilian population into abandoning the Confederate cause.

these are the ways they marched

·some little facts about the battle. ^in this video^

This is what the cannons looked like that they used in this battle.

On November 21, 1864, Union General Judson Kilpatrick attacked Macon, but later on retreated with his troops after the Battle of Walnut Creek. The Union army started to build up more of a skirmish line at Griswoldville until the morning of November 22nd. Confederate General William J. Hardee was acquainted with the fact that a large Federal army had moved to the East toward Augusta.

·After hearing that President Abraham Lincoln had won re-election on November 8, Sherman ordered 2,500 light wagons loaded with supplies.

·On November 15, the army began to move, burning the industrial section of georgia.

·Southern soldiers who found themselves in Sherman’s path fought hard, but most of the opposition was limtited to hit-and-run attacks that the Federals could easily counter.

·Approximately 2,300 Confederates were killed, wounded or captured in the efforts to defend Georgia.

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