Rudolf von Laban

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Rudolf von Laban

Rudolf von Laban was born in Austro-Hungary in the year 1878. He is the son of very high ranking Austro-Hungary military figure. Laban spent much of his time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the towns of Sarajevo and Mostar as well as the court circle in Vienna and the theatre life of Bratislava. He was educated in both western and eastern cultures. Rudolf von Laban was a dancer, dance/movement theoretician, and a choreographer. Laban's work made dance become an art form. Instead of going into the military, like his father, Rudolf became an artist.

Rudolf von Laban created a style known as Labananalysis.

Purpose: In his mind dance is a way to connect with communities as well as nature in a world that is increasingly becoming mechanized, which is why he felt it should be accessible to everyone.


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