Exploring for France

Our Forces Will Capture The Resources

France's Land

Your majesty, I hail from Korea and will sail across the ocean in 1501.  I will support France throughout my life for riches.  Your majesty, Louis XII, I will get tobacco, sugar, riches, and combat items because you are in war.  For myself, I will return with clothing and gold.  Gold and clothing is very helpful to have because it is helpful to be rich and you don't want to be wearing something uncomfortable.  Your majesty, I will go to the Northeast of the New World to collect sugar tobacco, riches, and combat items.  The Iroquois Indians have a lot of fur.  Also, the grassy areas are a great place to have a sugar plantations and to plant tobacco.  England and Spain are searching for land and riches too, but I will fight them off with our forces.  Also, Portugal is searching the areas too.  When we have overcome enemies, I will fight back and make friends with some Natives if possible.  Your majesty, I expect to encounter many obastacles such as disease, lack of food and water, and lack of combat practice.  I nwill bring extra doctors, army leaders , and an extra food supply to get every need that you want.  So your majesty, I will get you every need, and believe I will succeed.

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