King Kong

Alicia Pallotta

The Musical

King Kong the musical has taken over 5 years to develop. Sonny Tilders, one of the set designers (creature designer), described making King Kong as "a serious challenge".

Sonny Tilders

Sonny Tilders job consists of designing and building creatures, models and special effects for films and theatrical performances. Sonny studied graphic design and graduated Melbourne Swinburne University in 1988. He then started working at Mothers Art, after moving onto Australia's models and effects company. Sonny is not only a company director but a creative director of Global Creature Technology. Sonny has had a lot of experience in creating sets and puppets as he is also apart of his parents company Global Creatures. Sonny Tilders has also built 16 realistic life size dinosaurs for the Arena Spectacular - Walking With Dinosaurs.

The King Kong puppet weighs 1.1 tonne and is 6 metres tall. Puppetry director Peter Wilson describes King Kong as one of the most complex puppets he has ever worked with. The King Kong puppet involves 3 layers of animation and takes 14 people to operate.



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