The Writer and His Background

Saki's Life Story

Saki's real name was Hector Hugh Munro. He was born in the Asian country of Burma, now called Myanmar. When he was a toddler, his mother was killed by a charging cow. His father sent Saki and his older brother and sister to live with relatives in England. They were raised by their grandmother and two very strict aunts.

The aunts had many rules. Saki didn't like the rules, but he had to obey. He was not allowed to play outside very often. The windows in his house were never even opened. Saki rebelled against this strictness when he grew older. He wrote many short stories about clever youths who trick the mean people in their lives. A lot of his tales have surprise endings.

Fortunately for Saki, his stories were popular and brought him fame and a good income.

You will see how his childhood and life story effect his writing when we read his short story called, "The Open Window." It's a really good story with a surprise ending!

Saki was born in Myanmar.

Saki was raised in England, also known as part of The United Kingdom.