Cici was a nebula and was ready to become a protostar. She wanted to be a blue main sequence star to turn into a supernova like her big brother. Cici's life was long and frustrating.   


Now Cici is a protostar and couldn't wait until she was a main sequence star. This time she didn't stay as a protostar for long.

Main Sequence Star

Cici was sad because she was a small main sequence star and she wanted to be a big one because her brother was a big blue one and now he is a neutron star but she always wanted to be a neutron star but now she'll see what comes next.

Red Giant

Planetary Nebula

cici is now a red giant and wished she could be a neutron star after but she forgot she was a small star.

Now Cici is a planetary Nebula and she was now happy of how she looked like but she still wanted to be a neutron s

white dwarf

Cici is now a white dwarf wishing she could be at least a black but but instead she was a white dwarf.

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