3 types of art  by Austin Harper

This photo was made by hokusai

It was made around  1829-1832

Subject of the photo is the Mount Fuji

This is representational Because you see waves in everyday life

Made by Vincent van gough

You can find it in the museum of modern day art

It was created June 1889

This is abstracts Because you know this not realistic

The scream by Edvardward munch

Created 1893-1893

Located at national gallery , munch museum

This is abstract This looks like it is fake with the people

A Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte  By George's Stuart

Created 1884-1886

You can find it at art institute of Chicago building

Representational- it's representational because it's realistic and I can tell what it is

Stary night over the rhone made by Vincent van gough

Made September 1888

You can find it at musee d orsay

This is non objective Because it is not realistic and I cannot tell what it is

Field of crows By Vincent van gough

It was made on July 1890

You can find it at van gough museum

This is representational Because you can see the realistic things in the photo that you could see in everyday life

The persistence memory's Salvador vali

It as created in 1931

You can find it at the museum of modern art

This is non objectiveYou can't tell what most of the things are and you don't see clocks that are bendy and can stretch

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