tropical rainforest

biotic factors : living factors in a ecosystem

animals          plants

Jaguars                 Orchid
  Monkeys                 Banana
sloths                    Brazil Nut Tree
  Insects                   Poinsettia
Tree Frogs              Cacao
  Parrots                  Rubber Tree

abiotic factors: Non-living factors in a ecosystem

warm weather
wet climate


Carrying capacity -largest number of individual of one species that an environment can support.

resources for a population to survive

*water   *sun     *food    *shelter

the parrots probably had enough food,water,shelter during 1994 -2001 then 2002-2008 food and water were probably running out and predators were attaching


limiting factors-any factor or condition that limits growth of a population in an ecosystem

     limiting factors in the rainforest


jaguars are one of the predator that put animals in danger, like sloths, peccary, monkeys, tapirs. the jaguars could put their resources into the limiting factors area and run out of food.


bamboo   ->   grubs    ->  mountain  gorilla    ->   jaguar     

plants  ->   rabbit   ->  fox

plant   ->    herbivores insects    ->  spiders    ->   owls/hawks

they receive their energy from the 10% that wasnt used up

The producers role is important because they are the base of our food chain such as herbivores eat producers.


food webs show multiple pathways of energy transfer and chains only show one pathway.

if you removed the bengal tiger from the food wed the king cobra would be the only tertiary consumer in the food webs so it would be the only one that eats all the primary consumers.

trophic levels & energy pyramids

the energy pyramid shape shows how the amount of useful energy that enters each level, decreaseas as it is used by the organisms in that level.

the producers aren't eating any other organism ,it is producing it's own food

Co2 + h2o->c6 h12 o6 + O2

In photosynthesis you need light and water

The thing that is produce is carbon dioxide and sugar/ oxygen

For photosynthesis to occur, the plants need sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.


The turning of all the part of an organism in a particular direction

Role of decomposer

Decomposers break down dead plants and animals. If decomposers  weren't in the ecosystem, the plants would not get essential nutrients

examples of decomposers: termites,worms, beetles,mushrooms,snails,fungi, ants,


The purpose of having adaptation is for the living things to produce over and over again, there are mainly two adaptation for the rainforest; animal and plant adaptation.

Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat. These adaptations might make it very difficult for the plant to survive in a different place.

If you were to move a red-eye tree frog to a dessert then it would most likely die out because there is barely any water in the dessert . So the population of red-eyed tree frog would die out. And the anaimals that depend on the frog would die out also

Natural selection

definition- the process where organism better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring.

It is important because it creates extra space, more room for other organisms in this ecosystem

The red-eye frog is one of many natural selection in the rainforest.
The frog survive by adapting to the environment and getting the resources that it needs.
If the environment would change the whole population would change also. They would adapt or die out to the new environment that they are now living in.

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