Herbert Hoover

                                               By: Sylvia Phillips

Herbert during his presidency

Early life

Herbert as a young child

-Herbert was born August 10, 1874 in West Branch Iowa.

-His  other siblings were  his brother Theodore J. Hoover who was born just three years before in 1871, and his sister Mary who was born two years later in 1876.

-Both of Herberts parents, Jesse and Hulda Hoover, died while he was very young. When he was six his father died of a heart attack and three years later his mother died of pneumonia.

-After his parents died, him and his siblings were passed around among relatives but Herbert ended up with his uncle Dr. John Minthorn, who lived in Oregon.

-After their tramatic deaths Herbert started to fail all of his classes. Only earning an A in mathematics.

Teenage Herber Hoover

-As a young adult Herbert travled to Australia in 1897 and to China in 1899.

-While he was there he worked to better the lives of people.

-After traveling the world he became a buisness man.

-Before becoming President he was the secretary of commerce.

FUN FACT: He was the First preident born west of the Mississippi River.


President Herbert Hoover

-Herbert was elected on March 4th, 1929 taking office from Calvin Cambridge

-He represented the republican party.

-He served a total of one term with vice president Charles Curtis.

-While serving as President he led hunger-relief efforts in Europe.

-Eight months after the stock market crashed and the Great Depression erupted.

-He could not overcome the economic desrtuction and could lost his reelection bid to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

After presidency

Herbert Hoover after presidency

-Herbert Hoover died on October 20, 1964 in New York City, New York from internal bleeding.