Should Abortion Be Legal

Alexis Porras

6th 4/27/15

Everyday more and more helpless unborn fetuses are being brutally murdered by non other than their mothers. Abortion should not be legal because a fetus is a human just like us and because if your old enough to participate in sexual conduct, then your old enough to deal with the consequences.

An unborn baby has a heartbeat by the 18th week of being conceived, by 6 weeks the babies brain begins to function and at 9 weeks the baby can feel pain. This information is given to mothers who are requesting an abortion, but of course that won't stop them. People have it in their heads that the fetus is not a living thing yet so it's not murder. This is not true, this is only one of the many excuses they use to be able to carry out the abortion. President Reagan once said, "What is the value of human life? We know that, for those in the abortion industry, innocent human life has no value. That precious little one, growing inside her mother, can be destroyed and discarded for any reason, in a manner of cruelty that if practiced on animals would stir outrage." To some point he is actually right if this was practiced on animals people would grow hysterical with their "animal cruelty" but what about "baby cruelty"!

On to a bigger reason, babies should not be punished for your mistakes. If you know you cannot financially support a child then you shouldn't be "playing with fire or your bound to get burned". Even if you cannot afford the child their are programs you can enter to help provide for your child. The government can help you with food stamps, baby formula, and some medical care for the child. President Reagan wrote, "The real question today is not when human life begins, but, 'What is the value of human life?' The abortionist who reassembles the arms and legs of a tiny baby to make sure all its parts have been torn from its mother's body can hardly doubt whether it is a human being. The real question for him and for all of us is whether that tiny human life has a God-given right to be protected by the law--the same right we have." Babies have rights, aren't they human too? It is your mistake you should've been more careful when you made the decision to interact in sexual conduct. People shouldn't be allowed to just murder an innocent, defenseless being just because they didn't mean to conceive the child.

In the near future I can see abortion being illegal or harder to be attained because more and more people are realizing that it is inhuman. In a magazine that I read, it stated that "Six states (Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Utah) tie for the dubious distinction of "winner," each having enacted provisions in seven restriction categories; another six states (Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and South Dakota) follow close behind, with provisions in six restriction categories each." This means that their have been laws created in these countries to restrict who can legally get an abortion. Even though it might seem like little to no progress, more and more countries are acting out against abortion, "At the end of the day, however, only two—a tightening of the state's public funding policy and a requirement that providers give women the option to have an ultrasound prior to an abortion—became law.". Health care providers are now required in some places to show the mother an ultra sound so that they can hear and see that the miracle inside them is alive. For all the pro abortionists out there, your ways are slowly coming to an end and eventually you'll have to live with your "accident".