The Translator By Danielle
The Translator is useful for traveling overseas for not understanding a language you don't know.

Here's how is works:

You hold the Translator's Handle and then you hold the mic in front of the person speaking another language to you , then you press the button go when they speak, then you press stop so they will translate the language to English or languages that you understand and speak in then let the Translator translate their language.             

It doesn't need batteries!
So now, you don't need to buy batteries and waste your money or waste your time charging it!

You can get your money back if you don't want it!

Call us if your translator breaks!
you will get a new one free or a refund.

Its waterproof! If you want it to make it your language, go to the bottom of the translator and you might see a screen so you swipe the screen and find your country in that screen to translate into the language that you understand!

I believe that I prove you this will be the best invention!

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