Veterinarian Career

Description: Veterinarians care for the health of animals and work to improve public health. They diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals. This helps us from getting sick or harmed from playing or eating animal stuff.

Required Skills: You must have a passion for animals, academic competencies, business skills, and interpersonal skills. Having these skills will help you achieve this job and you’ll never lose interest

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree which includes taking microbiology, animal management, anatomy, physiology, animal nutrition, and equine care. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine includes animal behavior, veterinary pharmacology, another animal nutrition, clinical pathology, large/small animal medicine, diagnostic imaging, anesthesia, and surgery principles.

Other Preparations: In high school try and take 4 years of laboratory sciences such as biology and chemistry. Also try and get through all the required classes in high school with A’s.

Income Expectations: At the beginning of your new profession it’s about $51,000 a year. Throughout time the average is $84,000 but, if you’re well enough and in a big area you can make about $144,000 a year.

Future Outlook: It’s a 50/50 chance of becoming a vet honestly, it mainly takes dedication. There are about 59,700 people employed as vets today in the U.S. This career has a long future since people will always need someone to watch or check on their animals health.

Benefits: This career usually appeals to people because, they love animals and want to nurture them back to health. Plus they also like the income and knowledge that comes along.
There aren't many different jobs that will go with career or skill choice unless you'd like to be a doggy daycare or animal trainer.

I want to do this job because I would like to help save animals and spend all my time with them.

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