Mobile Apps for Education

Woices is a mobile application that allows people to create a location-based audio tour. This could be used by students to explore historic sites in your area and create a tour using information they have gathered in their research. Alternatively, students could use voices to go on an audio tour of a historic site that was created by someone else and learn more about the area in real-time!

Screencast-O-Matic is a great place for teachers to create screen casts for their students. Teachers can record what is happening on their screen in conjunction with audio to create a video that can be later shown to students. This can be made to replace or supplement a traditional in-class lesson. For instance, a teacher could record her screen with her explanation on how to use a computer program, such as Microsoft Word, and show it to the class while she goes around and assists students with individual questions. Another way to use this technology is to create the screen cast of a more through or alternate explanation of how to do a complicated math problem and make the video available online. This allows students to review her explanation if they are struggling with their homework, and can help students to better retain the lesson because it has been delivered multiple times in various formats.

Polleverywhere is a great place for teachers to set up questions and polls for students to respond to. This can increase student engagement with the lesson in a fun way! Teachers can use this in class to gauge students' understanding of a concept by asking for the answer to a problem, or to get students' opinions or experiences on a topic. Some students may be too shy to put up their hand or respond in front of the class, but by allowing them to respond by technology we give everyone a chance to have their voice heard. The great thing about Polleverywhere is that it can be used on computers, smart phones, tablets, and even regular phones, so long as they have the ability to text!