Top 10 differences between FFA and Charly

By: Sam Wesen

1. Miss. Kinnian and Charly get engaged in the movie.

2. Charly forcibly kisses Miss. Kinnian in the movie.

3. Charly works at a bread factory in the movie and his friends didn't out yeast in his locker in the book.

4. Charly smokes LSD in the movie.

5. Miss. Kinnian is giving the tests to Charly in the movie.

6. In the movie he is writing on a chalk board not a journal.

7. Miss. Kinnian didn't go to his apartment in the book.

8. In the movie, Charly didn't freak out on everyone when the boy broke the glasses.

9. Charly gets Miss. Kinnian a mirror in the movie.

10. His friends told him to buy a newspaper in the book, and in the movie they told him to wait for the blizzard.


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