Educated guesses...

Answer the following questions using the process of elimination. This means that you'll be providing educated guesses based on what answers you can rule out as incorrect.

Test taking hint: Look for syllables in each word that recognizable from other words learned in the past and try to guess what it's associated with based on your current knowledge.


Answer the following and provide an explanation as to why you chose your answer.

1) My brother has shown an interest in aeronautics recently.

Aeronautics means...

a) Fixing water fountains
b) The study of flight/aviation
c) 20 extra years of college
d) Cardboard box manufacturing

2) Keep a close eye out for pedestrians while driving after dark. Some wear dark clothes and it makes them practically invisible.

Pedestrian means...

a) A person walking through sidewalks and streets.
b) An alien.
c) A type of bus.
d) Junk in the road.

3) A large section of the port was closed off to all incoming cargo boats due to an oil spill.

Port means...

a) A shopping mall
b) A neighborhood found in the middle of the desert.
c) An area of body of water used for trade and commerce.
d) A farm used for seasonal events... i.e. pumpkin patch, christmas tree lot, easter egg hunting

4) For reasons unknown hundreds of geese had flocked to the aqueduct every winter for the past 50 years.

Aqueduct means...

a) a manmade channel of water used to divert waterflow.
b) An indoor school.
c) A small airport.
d) A playground made for circus poodles.

5) Even though it had been two hours since our departure from the nearest known town, we surmised one was in close proximity due to the sighting of several cows.

Surmise means...

a) An unimpressive surprise.
b) An educated guess or assumption not based on verifiable evidence.
c) A dislike for something.
d) A hand motion.

6) Due to several constraints beyond our control the grand opening of the restaurant has been postponed until next month.

Constraint means...

a) restrictions or limitations
b) disobedient pets
c) a gift of money
d) sickness

7) These numbers look too high for December toy sales. Can you verify the financial report's accuracy?

Verify means...

a) double check
b) write a corrective line through an error
c) circle with a pencil
d) tear up or shred

8) That's a tough question to answer by tomorrow. Let me contemplate and I'll get back to you by Saturday.

Contemplate means...

a) to break dishes
b) to be lazy
c) to think over carefully
d) to dance

9) Before getting into piano songs these advanced, I'd like you to master the fundamentals first.

Fundamental means...

a) ways to think positively.
b) ways to cook chicken
c) the basics or simplest aspects of
d) a wooden bean shaker instrument

10) I was somewhat confused on the end of your report. Could you elaborate on what you meant by your second to last sentence?

Elaborate means...

a) speak louder
b) finish before a deadline
c) explain in further detail
d) go to the store

11) I'd like to help you both but you seem to have conflicting schedules for this project. I'd suggest pairing up with different lab partners.

a) occurring only between 1:00pm and 2:00pm
b) opposing or working against
c) perfectly aligned or in agreement
d) confusing

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