By Jaiden Riley Core 2!??!$$$

My Paragraphs
We had mats well we were breathing in are nose and then out from our mouth. We went to the bathroom and came back and u told us a story about a garden and lake. Then there was a lady that told us there was a wave or something in or body then the wave kept going down are body or head to are toes.

I thought meditation was going to be fun and make me go to sleep. I felt real good when i was meditating cause i mostly went to sleep. I would meditadat again so i can go to sleep because i feel sleepy all the time so i would probably want to do it again.

Meditation- Meditation is when u relax just sit up staright and relax.

Mantra - A low sound

deep breathing- Is when u breath up your nose then breath out of your mouth.

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