A bald version of Harry Potter tries to buy unicorn tears to make a hair formula

In a world where cars can fly without wings and kids phase through brick walls, even the creatures we so commonly find in fairy tale books and fantasies are rare to find. The scarcity of unicorns leads to the rising price of their mystical tears. Sorry, Harry... but you can live happily with a shiny head.


Monopoly Game Night

Monopoly is a great example of economic competition. Players race against each other to finish the game, the person with the most money winning.

Supply and Demand

It's Christmas week and you know what that means! Best Buy is holding a huge sale on their newest products, like the PS4. However, the supply for some products people want are low. This causes demand to increase and the sales to boom. Prices are down and people are shuffling and shoving each other at the front door.

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