STAR – An Initiative by Indian Finance Ministry to Skill 10 Lakh Youth

Introduction –
Standard Training & Assessment Reward (STAR) Scheme has been proposed by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India to encourage the youth to voluntarily join the skill development programmes.

National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) has been entrusted with the task to implement the scheme through Public-Private, and Public-Public partnerships.

NSDC Star Scheme provides monetary incentives to the youth on the successful completion of market-driven skills development programmes. The scheme is likely to benefit more than 10 lakh youth.

Skill development courses -
The courses are designed & developed to train the selected youth on
Industry recognized courses for diverse job roles across priority employment sectors such as Sales in Telecom and Organized Retail, Customer Service skills in BPO, Telecom Installation & Fault Repair, Telecom Tower Equipment Operations & Maintenance, Gems & Jewellery, etc. Many other courses have been recognized under NSDC Star Scheme.

These courses will enable the youth to take up the priority job-roles almost instantly and thus companies will no longer have to struggle with the growing shortage of skilled manpower.

Training providers –
NSDC along with its training partners – many of them are top-notch corporate training companies of the country – set-up the infrastructure, pick the candidates for the courses, and deliver high-impact training courses to enhance the employability quotient of the selected candidates. By the time candidates finish the programs successfully, they become job-ready and take up diverse job roles almost instantly. Some of the industries that absorb the skilled manpower include retail, insurance, and automobile.

Monetary rewards are passed on to the candidates on the successful completion of the programmes and certification thereafter. And it is the Ministry of Finance that funds these rewards.

Possible advantages –
For decades, India has not been able to take advantage of its growing young population. As of now, India is one of those very few countries which are blessed with a great number of workable youth; the irony, however, is that majority of the Indian youth do not possess the right skill sets to enter the job market.

Now that a stable government is in place, Indian economy has increased its pace. And thus, it’d need all the more manpower skilled enough to take up the diverse job roles across the employment priority sectors such as retail and telecom.

Large scale skill development initiatives, like NSDC STAR Scheme, have been launched to skill the youth of the country and make them job-ready. NSDC STAR Scheme alone is likely to skill over 10 lakh youth.

NSDC Star Scheme is an ambitious skill development scheme of Government of India, which is being implemented by NSDC. The implementing agency is partnering with leading corporate training partners to implement and execute the scheme in the most effective and efficient manner. For more on STAR scheme, and NSDC partner, please read our other articles.

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