Baylie Bolt

"Be with those who bring out the best in you"☺️

My name is Baylie Bolt and I'm in ninth grade.  This is my family, my mom, dad, and two sisters Harlie and Rylie.  I love doing stuff with my family they are like my best friends.  I love to play volleyball and basketball those are my hobbies.  My favorite color would have to be orange.  I love animals mainly dogs or puppies.  I love to be outside enjoying the beauty of nature like the flowers and sometimes the sky.  I like hanging out with my friends and having a good laugh.  I also love going to the beach or the ocean those are some of my favorite pictures.

Three things that interest me are...


I love being outside and seeing all of the beautiful things that nature has made.  I love looking at all of the pretty flowers.  The sunflower is one of my favorite ones to look at its just so unique.  When all of the birds are out, the sun is shinning, and the sky's are clear that's a day that I just love.


I love playing volleyball and basketball they are my favorite sports.  They are my main sports and I play them with all of my friends. The best part about them is that your playing with your friends and you just get to have fun.

The beach

The beach is probably one of my favorite places that I like to go to.  Its always beautiful and just so relaxing.  Laying on the beach and just hearing the waves come in is a nice sound to here when your relaxing.  Also I like to fine beach glass and riding the waves.

My goals are..

One of my goals is to go to college one day and get a good job.  This is one of my goals because I want to make my life fun and I want to have a job and not make my life boring.

My second goal is to have a nice house when I'm older and a family.  I don't want to be alone in my life and I want somewhere to live.

My third goal is that when I'm older I want to help people with things.  I think this would change my life by helping them and it would feel good to help people in need.

Place to visit..

I would love to go to Bora Bora France because it is just so beautiful.  It would also be very relaxing to have a house on the water.  Its also very private so you wouldn't have to worry about neighbors.  This is somewhere where I want to go in my lifetime.  It would be a great experience to go there.

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