'Australian Experiences'

The perspective I have chosen is the 'Coastal Experience'. I have chose this experience because it is fascinating to me as my life can relate to this perspective.   

The coastal experience say a lot about Australian Identity. Tourist come over to Australian for the hot Australian weather, the rich golden sand and the warm blue water. This is how people see Australia. The perspective tells that life is easy going, relaxing and life is in the water. When I compare this with my perspective I think we should be very grateful to have beaches in our back yard but life is not all easy going and relaxing. I have times where it gets rough and stressful but for me surfing and the salt water is one of the best things to do to clear your mind. Not all Australians like to do this, people have different perspectives of Australia.

I have learnt a lot within the concept of Australian Experiences. There is over 10 experiences that people write about. I have learnt that not one person has exactly the same perspective on Australia. Everyone has there own opinions and believes in different things. Some examples of composers of Australian Experience poems are Uyen Nhu who writes about Immigrant experiences or Less Murray who writes for coastal experiences.

People around the world reads these poems, people then sees the Australian views and where we are coming from. They soon realise our perspective of Australia and it is not all about relaxing and everything is perfectly perfect.

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