Influences of History

Star Wars was highly influenced by events of history.

In WWI, Hitler referred to his soldiers as "storm troopers." In Star Wars, Darth Vader calls his soldiers "storm troopers" as well.

Darth Vader's character is influenced by Hitler. They are both controlling and forceful figures in history (and for entertainment purposes).

Buddha and Yoda have similarities as well. They both are wise looked upon in times of need and for advice.

Another resemblance is the Christian nativity story and Luke Skywalkers birth. When baby Jesus was born, God gave Virgin Mary a baby to give birth to. Luke Skywalker was born because of the force which made Padme Amidala to become pregnant.

Another similarity is the starships and aircrafts used in WWI.

Star Wars was influenced by events in WWI and also had religious innuendos.

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