National Society of Leadership and Success

CSUSB chapter

Executive Board

President: Cathy McIntosh

Vice President: Brian Gutierrez

Co-Vice President: Cheryl Schendel

Secretary: Erin Greene

Treasurer: Hector Arvizu

Success Networking Team Coordinator: Denise Cuellar

Membership Outreach Chair: Savannah Jones

Social Events Chair:  Kilder Hernandez

Publicity Chair: Brian Gutierrez

Fundraising Chair: Hector Arvizu

Community Service Chair: Maria Barragan

Society Events Chair: Denise Cuellar, Kilder Hernandez

IT Coordinator: Harold Roberts

Advisor: Rosemary Zometa

Co-Advisor: Nena Torrez

Upcoming Events

Fall Induction Ceremony, November 14, 2014

Last Event

Our last event was induction and except for a chaotic entrance all went well. It was an exciting and joyous time for our members who were inducted. Congrats to you all!

Next Induction Ceremony

Fall induction is set to take place November 14, 2014

Steps to Induction

Attend Orientation

Attend Leadership Training Day

3 Success Networking Teams

3 Speaker Broadcasts

National Ingaged Leader Award

To achieve this award you need to complete the following in addition to the steps above:

3 additional Success Networking Teams

3 additional Speaker Broadcasts

5 hours of community service

Meeting Minutes

Please click on the button below to obtain minutes from our previous meetings.

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