The Short Story Process

By :Isabel and Katie

First of all, what is the peer editing and revising process anyway? Well, basically this is a process that you will complete with you and a partner that will involve you and your partner to work on each other stories. This process will let you to improve each others writing pieces to be the best that they can be, while also thinking of your story along the way.

The partner [peer] editing process is important in many ways ! This is what this process looks like and what you should do.

First, some important parts that you should look for in your partners story,  are making sure they have a good description of the characters. You should be able to have a image of what they look like and what type of attitude they have based on their writing.

If you read the first sentence it states ''I pulled on a grey ripped hoodie (my only) and yesterday's pants.
  • Based on this sentence we can make an inference about the character,Based on this piece of writing. We can infer that he is poor and doesn't have enough money to purchase clothes to wear.
  • Transition Words are also very important too your story. They let your story flow better and sound better as well.
  • Dialogue and dialogue tags are also important to find in your story. Dialogue let's you understand what characters thoughts are about other people and you can see how they interact  with others.

Elements of plot are also needed for your short story. Without the stages of plot, your story will not flow right and will seem like your story is missing some parts.

Elements of  plot :

1. exposition : setting , characters , conflict intro.ĵ

2. rising action : the rising to the climax [ details of characters etc. ]

3. climax : the turning point or where the character changes [ conflict :external internal ]

4. falling action : the falling back down to a resolution /ending

5. resolution  : most or all conflicts/problems are solved

A picture of the plot diagram is shown below so you can see how the elements should be ordered.

This is what your plot diagram should look like.
In your story, there should be a cnflict with your character. This could be internal or external.
Now , you will make a key and underline all the part of a good story and make sure you have enough of every element. You may want a list !
Now you have sucsesfuly completed the edditing/revising process with your partener! Now your story will be amazing!

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