5/15/15 #SJSreports Chicago Welcomes Obama's Presidential Library and Museum

President Obama

President Obama recently announced that his Presidential Museum will be located in Chicago, Illinois. The Obama family decided that Chicago would be the best possible place to build the museum because it was where Obama started his career and his family lives there. The exact location of the museum and library is still undetermined, and might take another six to nine months to choose the right area to build Obama's Presidential Museum. Some possibilities include Washington Park and Jackson Park, which are located around Chicago. Although many people are excited for this new museum, some people are against the idea. A nonprofit organization, "Friends of the Parks", has been trying to stop the idea of the museum so that none of Chicago's parks are harmed. But, this opportunity for a new museum could provide jobs and economic development for the south side of Chicago, maybe even the whole city. Further development of the new idea of President Obama's Presidential Museum will take place soon.

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This map represents where the Obama Presidential Library and Museum will be located.

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