Why Live?

By: Sarah Thomas

My "Network"



a group or system of interconnected people or things.

"a trade network"synonyms:system, complex, nexus, web, webwork"a network of friends"

I think that everyday is a blessing because of my network. I live for my family and my friends who create my small interconnected group. I am very thankful for them to be in my life. They're my support system if I'm ever struggling, or if anything is wrong. I would definitely say that they're one of the main reasons I have to live.

Sports Equipment

When I think of something I could never leave, it's sports equipment. While it seems strange, it's important. When I think about my life, I think of the impact sports have had on me. I also know they are making an impact in other's lives. It's connected me with new friends, gets rid of my stress, and it creates happiness in my life.

In my sports I have met some amazing people, I otherwise may have not met. These people impact my life and make me want to continue to thrive. In some way sports equipment can give you a whole new support system. It's wonderful to be surrounded by people who share your common interests. I do believe that friendships are key to living a happy life.

I think sports relieve most of my stress. I have had days when I'm stressed to the max, and sports are the biggest relief I could ask for. I also think that when you're  not stressed, you can generally be happy. Happiness is important for you to want to keep living your life. It's one of the main reasons I can find to live.

Why not say my sports that I play instead of sports equipment? I know that many people play different sports that I'll never play. Although, they are getting the same connections that I do. At least, I hope that they get the same things I get out of sports equipment. Overall, they're a reason that I love to live.

The Path

When I think of reasons as to why I live, I think this one is the most personal of them all. I know that God has a plan for everyone's life. I know that I (nor anyone else) was not put here for no reason. Although there are struggles in life, I believe there's a purpose. Below I have added a poem that comprehends my thoughts:

The winding path gets longer each day,

Occasionally with directions in which I have to pick the way.

I know some decisions I make are wrong

Still, I know in the end they'll lead me where I belong.

The path may be outstretched,

Alhough it's skillfully sketched.

Above, He knows where the path leads.

I stay here, because I trust Him with ease.

Nevertheless, I can't see the end of my path from here

and I don't plan on it being near

Even with some bumps along my route

I will keep my head up, no doubt.

Though I may be naive,

I trust God to reveal the path as He believes.

Altruistic acts

If my life is in the bottom pits and not very great, I begin to think: There is someone around the world that is struggling more than I am. I also think that instead of sitting and thinking on my situation, I should help others with theirs. I also think that some people are very unfortunate and don't get what they need. In other words, I want to live in order to help others live. After all, we're all in this together... right?

(Click "Altruistic" to read more about it)

Apple Slices

While apple slices may not seem like a reason to live, it's a big one for me. When I eat apple slices I always smile, and am almost instantly happy. I think it's the little things in my life that make me want to continue it. When you enjoy the little things in life, you appreciate things more. I appreciate my little slices of happiness, and hope that everyone finds their own little pieces of happiness as well.

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